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Renewable Energies on focus

Focusing exclusively on Wind and Solar energy, GreenVolt provides the excpertise and experience of more than 10 years of project analysis and financial investment negotiation. GreenVolt Trading is dedicated to providing first class projects running through a professionally designed, in-depth auditing process. Only 10-15% of projects submitted will successfully complete this auditing process. The outcome is a standardized executive summary that includes technical and financial data such as an IRR project yield and rate of return on capital employed. This gives pootential investors a quick and easy overview of a variety of projects with immediate directives on how to proceed.

Investor Partnership: The key to successfully meeting target objectives

The European Renewable Energy Law (EEG) provides low risk, guaranteed revenues for a fixed period of 20 years in various European countries. The goal is to meet 20% of the total energy demand for the construction of power plants delivering renewable energy. The costs of setting up new power plants is greater than the European governments’ budgets will allow. Therefore, financing such projects will require special funding designed to attract mutual funds, insurance, banking and other such investment vehicles in order to meet this goal.

The various regulations and restrictions found in certain countries make it more challenging to generate new business if one does not possess the experience and the network to appropriately overcome them. With its network and proven track record by project developers, GreenVolt Trading is the primary source for legitimate offers on project rights, turn-key solutions and grid connected power plants in selected countries that offer steady government assistance.

GreenVolt Trading - valid projects and long-term partnerships

GreenVolt Trading management is experienced in the management of various businesses as well as addressing potential business partners. Our partners enjoy the security of receiving the accurate information required to create new prosperity, thanks to our 10 year track record of providing reliable projects to investors.

To receive more information about our analysis project, actual demand on project rights, turn-key solutions or our project overview on Wind and Solar energy projects, please send us an email to or contact us @ +49 (0) 241 963 16 14.